6 Attitudes and Sayings that guide Visionaria

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The “Visionaria Spirit” is not set in stone. It is evolving every day through the attitudes, actions, and visions of every young woman who is thinking about their future with creativity and confidence. Men also influence the Visionaria spirit by their appreciation and encouragement of the qualities and actions of women who embody it.

We don’t have a single definition for “Visionaria”, and we don’t need one.

We do have some attitudes, however, which are reflected in a few sayings that we share through our coaching of teachers and with new partners and educators interested in Visionaria programs for their schools and communities:

6 Attitudes: How many do you hold?

#Visionarias GROW

We see our “failures” as opportunities to learn and grow.


We don’t reinforce limiting roles for any gender (ex: that women can’t be experts, or that men shouldn’t express emotions).


We don’t believe that every gender norm is bad, only when they limit us from realizing our goals.

#Visionarias ARE DIVERSE

We believe that one personal quality doesn’t limit your potential to have others. (ex: you can be beautiful AND intelligent; fierce AND delicate, fun AND responsible).

#Visionarias COMMUNICATE

We communicate in an assertive and empathetic way.


We feel comfortable and open to changes (when we receive new information and experience).

What sayings or attitudes do you have that serve your visions for the future? What attitudes do you think can improve your community and society?