Young People Want Responsible Climate Leadership

Paul SpurzemInspiration

Paulette van Ommen, a member of the Global Shapers Community, penned a compelling essay at the start of this year entitled, “WANTED: Overdose of Responsible Climate Leadership“. Paulette draws clever analogies from the film Titanic to analyze concepts of responsible leadership – with hopes to steer our communities and future generations from climate-related disaster.

The well-written piece breaks down some critical aspects of responsible leadership, that people everywhere, young and old, should be able to get behind:


…responsible leadership means being accountable, too, towards those who cannot yet vote or who have yet to be born. This applies especially to developing countries, which are most vulnerable to climate disruption, despite having benefited least from cheap fossil energy. The longer we take to make the transition, the higher the bill that future generations will have to pay to face the droughts, floods, and storms that will trap or even push them into poverty and conflict

The Visionaria team is greatly inspired by Paulette and other young leaders who are recognizing and demanding more responsible leadership in the face of climate change and other sustainable development challenges around the world.

How do you think our leaders can be more responsible?

Who inspires you in the face of personal and communal challenges?

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