RFA: Empowered Entrepreneur Training Fund (EETF) 2017

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September 12th, 2017

[Applications DUE October 12, 2017]

[UPDATE 10/13/17: the application window has closed with a great show of interest. Applications are now under review.]

Visionaria Network is now accepting applications for the Empowered Entrepreneur Training Fund (EETF). EETF is a small grants fund designed to partially subsidize training programs for organizations working to sell cookstoves and other energy products in East Africa to train their sales staff or entrepreneurs in critical business, empowerment and leadership training.

This fund is made possible through support from the USAID-funded Developing a Sustainable Cookstove Sector (DSCS) Project, implemented by Winrock International.  The DSCS project’s goal is to mitigate negative climate, health and other development impacts caused by the inefficient use of biomass fuels for cooking through the development of sustainable cookstove markets that will lead to widespread adoption of clean, efficient cooking solutions. EETF funds will be used to hire certified trainers that have already been trained and certified by Winrock International (“Winrock”) under the USAID-funded Developing a Sustainable Cookstove Sector (DSCS) project.

The EETF will support organizations in conducting trainings using the Empowered Entrepreneur Training Handbook for entrepreneurs and sales agents – particularly women – who sell or contribute to the improved cookstove value chain (manufacturing, sales, distribution, service, etc.). The Fund may also support organizations in conducting trainings using the Empowered Entrepreneur Training Handbook for youth, with the purpose of having youth participants participate in and build clean energy markets through the sale of fuel efficient cookstoves or cleaner/alternative fuels.

Selection Criteria for Fund Applicants

  • Organizations must be actively supporting the sale and use of improved cookstove, including but not limited to the following aspects of the clean-cooking value chain: manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution, maintenance, etc.
  • Organizations must engage entrepreneurs or sales agents – preferably including women – in value chain activities; or be working with youth to market and sell cookstoves or other products in the clean energy value chain.
  • Organizations must be based / working in the East Africa region.
  • Organizations with cost-effective budgets will be prioritized.

Please review the complete RFA, including additional background, cost-sharing requirements, receipt submission criteria, and other guidance.

Download EETF Request for Applications (RFA) More About Empowered Entrepreneur Trainings