Feeling Anxious? You have choices.

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We all feel it. Uncertainty. Impatience. Comparison. What can we do when things seem out of balance, when we feel like we’re falling behind?

When one door closes, another one can be opened. Instead of spending time stressing about your choices or status, it may feel like a door has closed, recognize the important opportunities to do something good for yourself – right now!

Anxiety can grip us and distract us from the bigger picture – from what we truly need to grow and thrive.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself and turn your current anxiety into progress

Am I experiencing a “Fear of Missing Out”?
Am I prioritizing my time?
What makes me feel happy and healthy?

Am I experiencing a “Fear of Missing Out”?

For example, say you were not invited to a big party tonight and you are feeling down about yourself. You are likely experiencing serious “fear of missing out” (“FOMO”).

In this moment, you can choose how to react – even if the party is out of the question, you still have options! You can channel your worries and frustration into something interesting and constructive for the night.

Also, you can channel your energy to make next Friday night a success. What is something you have been wanting to try and do, but haven’t yet? Who should you talk to this weekend, and what more do you need to find out before you can do it?

Start planning ahead now!

Social Media

Social media especially can fuel this fear and urge to compare ourselves to our friends or peers. When your friends on social media always seem to be doing fun things, it’s hard not to feel like you’re missing out on good times. You feel inadequate because you don’t feel like you’re having as much fun or enjoying life as much as they are.

Am I prioritizing my time?

Many people don’t think about what they really want to do before it’s too late and there isn’t enough time to organize and prepare themselves to do it.

We often feel like we haven’t done everything we wanted to do. Prioritizing how we spend our time today will ensure we’re satisfied with ourselves later on.

Naturally, we want to spend our time wisely. To be more purposeful in your use of time, be purposeful with your choices. Look at what you spend time on during the day, and identify areas that you have control over. Sure, you might need to help prepare dinner every night, but do you need to watch TV every afternoon?

Think about what else you want to do this month, or this year. Are you on track to be able to do it? If you want to visit somewhere before the end of the year, but you’re not sure when or how to get there, then set aside some time to figure it out. 

Taking time to think and prioritize your goals for the year will give you a much better chance at doing what it is you want to do.

The BEST time to become clear about your true priorities can be when you feel down about your current limitations, or how you spend your time.

What makes me feel happy and healthy?

It’s important to think about this independently. What has made you happy and healthy in the past?

The things that give us energy may not be what advertisers (stores, television, radio, etc.) tell us on a regular basis.
If you already know what makes you happy and healthy, then lucky you! Try to do more of it

If you are still looking for what makes you happy and healthy, try to take small steps at first:
– Read more about it.
– Watch a youtube video from someone who has done it.
– Ask your friends and family if they know anyone who does something similar.

You’re not alone!

When you do the things that you like to do – even just once a week, or every month, you find people there who think like you do.

ATTENTION: Advertisers do not share your same interest!

Everyone should take a business marketing class because it will change the way you see commercials or advertisements and more importantly, you will be able to make better decisions for yourself.

What you need to know about advertisements…

YOU: want to improve yourself, reach your goals, care for your friends and family.
ADVERTISERS: want to sell their product or service.

When advertisers want to convince you to by their product or service, they will guess what message or story or image will make you say, “Hey, I need that!” Advertisers are so good at convincing you to buy their things, that you might spend your money or time on what they tell you. As a result, you miss out on other options you had – the options that advertisers don’t tell you about, because they’re not selling it. No advertiser will tell you to try and spend more time with people you respect and admire or to read about the topic that most interests you.

If a television advertisement says: “This is the ONE thing that will make you happy and healthy”, please be sure to challenge this idea! Remember, they don’t share your same interests all the time.

In the end, it’s up to you to both know yourself and what you love and then choose to do what’s best for you.

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