Visionaria learning experiences in the classroom help students grow relevant skills, improve grades, and lead to greater success in life after high-school.

Visionaria programs focus on critical personal competencies and skills…

    “I treat myself with respect and kindness.”
    “I believe in myself.”
    “I actively plan for my future.”
    “I contribute positively to my relationships with others.”
    “I know things that are professionally valuable.”

“Before, I never really thought much about how I treated myself. I always used to tell myself, ‘you can’t’ and ‘you’re so stupid because you messed up’. But not now. Now I know I should treat myself better. And I know that I can, and that when I fail, it’s just a chance to learn how to do something better the next time around.”
– Visionaria Participant, 17

2018 Visionaria for Schools Impact


Partner Schools

Students Benefiting

“Before I was invited to Visionarias, I used to have the attitude that, “I can’t, I can’t do it, I can’t achieve my goals.” I’ve come a long way from there. I changed the way I talked to myself, the way I am. I changed a lot. Now I can talk, I can say the things that I think.”
“Before, I never talked with anyone and I didn’t have many friends. I practically lived in my own world. But not anymore.”


Helping teachers meet learning goals…

“What I found most useful about the training? — New strategies, motivation, and a change of attitude”
“Visionaria helps me reach the goals that my students also want to reach.”


Youth-led Sustainable Development Initiatives

Benefiting 3,000+ members of their communities

“I learned a lot in the practical projects. You get a little something different from each thing we experience and you say to yourself, ‘this will serve me for life’ and you take it with you. For me, one of the most important things I took away was how to be more sociable.”

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We are an ambitious team, designing Visionaria programs to scale.

Before 2018…

Visionaria Perú: The original Visionaria Leadership Summer Program 2013-2017

SELF-ESTEEM: I treat myself with respect and kindness.

100% of participants report improved self esteem, with 87% reporting a great deal of improvement or extremely high improvement.

SELF-CONFIDENCE: I believe in myself.

90% of participants report improved levels of confidence, with 84% reporting a great deal or extremely high improvement.

EMPOWERMENT: I actively plan for my future.

90% of participants report improved decision making abilities, with 65% reporting a great deal or extremely high improvement.

RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHERS: I contribute positively to my relationships with others.

100% of participants report an improved ability to communicate with others. 100% of participants say that participating in the Visionaria Peru program improved their ability to work on a team.

TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE: I know things that are professionally valuable.

90% of participants report feeling more confident to prepare for interviews and job applications.

Visionaria Perú Projects (2013-2017)

17 Youth-led Sustainable Development Initiatives
1,600+ Community Beneficiaries


Teacher Training Program, August 2016

12 Trained Facilitators
2 Schools
200+ Course Participants

“The material helped me have a more organized plan for my students…I now have a much clearer understanding of what empowerment means for me and my students.”

“I learned how to be more amenable and dynamic when I’m in my role as facilitator.”

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